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"Viola's Pumpkin Patch. I was so delighted to experience this year. Stunning displays of pumpkins and decorations. We bought four pumpkins this month. Perfect location for photographs. Very friendly welcoming staff. Thanks you so much." 

A. Billy FB 5 star

"Drove up from Glendale. Awesome place.  Beautiful variety of pumpkins. Can't wait for Christmas Trees. Staff were amazing as well worth the drive."

S. Stowers FB 5 Stars

"The new place is beautiful! The best fall pumpkin patch in NAZ! The staff was so incredible and welcoming."

M. Davidson FB 5 Stars

"I just visited the pumpkin patch here!  It was so beautiful! I can't wait to visit when there are Christmas trees and when there are flowers."

K. Waxier  FB 5 Stars

"We enjoyed all the Halloween decorations and pumpkin displays. Very friendly owners. Best pumpkin patch I've ever been to."

A. Riese FB 5 stars

"First pumpkin patch I've ever been to!  Definitely going back for Christmas trees and flowers highly recommend!"

S. Nan FB 5 stars

"Viola's Pumpkin patch was a 10/10!  Amazing displays and TONS of pumpkins!"

K. Lynn FB 5 stars

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Viola's Pumpkin Patch.jpg
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Viola's Pumpkin Patch30.JPG
Viola's Pumpkin Patch, Scarecrow.jpg

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